Cracked... Not Broken by Kristin Tierney


From the back of the book:
It was freezing cold the morning Kristin Tierney awoke on a filthy mattress on the floor of a Portland, Oregon crack house.  She was homeless, broke, and completely alone.  Her headlong descent into that morning had been swift and steep.
Fewer than six weeks before she was living in an elegant home, spending evenings with Portland's social elite, and driving each morning to the Nike campus where her career had taken off.  Envied by other young women and desired by any number of men, Kristin's beauty, intelligence and flash of apparent self-confidence had opened one door after another.
Until the day came when she picked up a crack pipe for the first time.
That first hit temporarily freed her from a dozen different insecurities that had taken root inside her and drowned out the voice in her head the kept reminding her that she lived a lie, was unworthy of everything she had, and was utterly unlovable.  That hit was followed by another and another and another.
Kristin remained addicted to crack for the next seven years, exchanging every ambition she ever had to merely survive on mean streets and in dark crack dens.  She ran with an interstate crime ring, moved in with a notorious gang banger, and was in and out of a half dozen different jails.
The only measure of stability she ever achieved in those years was through prostitution.  First as a street walker turning tricks in cars, and later as a highly paid escort in a penthouse apartment.  Through it all crack cocaine remained her constant friend and hopelessness her only reliable companion.
Change began abruptly one painful night when a power she had sensed only vaguely before infused into her sufficient courage and strength to take the first step on a path to reclaim her life.
Kristin's road to recovery is an epic journey of self-discovery and spiritual resurrection.
Cracked . . . Not Broken is a fiercely candid, compelling narrative of that journey.  It recounts a flight from darkness into light.  It illustrates a triumph of accountability and authenticity.  Faith and forgiveness.  Grace and gratitude.