Handcut Elk Antler Dog Chew



Did you know Elk shed their antlers every year? & they make the best dog chews for your pooch! Locally sourced & foraged elk antlers that are hand-cut, healthy, clean, long lasting and all natural! Affordable prices that you & your dog will love!

Available in 5 different sizes: each antler is unique & therefor may look different than the referenced size picture.

Average length 6”- 8” | Average diameter 1/2”-1”

  • Mini -mini tines/small diameter less than 6” length
  • Medium -half cut/medium diameter 6” length
  • Large - whole/large diameter 6” length
  • Jumbo Tines - oversized whole tines/small diameter longer than 8” 

We recommend you always monitor your dog/dogs while chewing antlers.